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Lie to me

or don’t lie to me

It doesn’t shake me

To my core

It doesn’t shatter

My view of the world

I’ll learn the lesson

Continue to soar

Lie to me

Or don’t lie to me

You have no power anymore

Your lies are an expression

Of a truth you ignore

Lie to me

Or don’t lie to me

It matters no more

I am thankful for the chance

To witness myself

As I continue to believe

In love, trust and respect

In the face of those

Who lie, deceive and deflect

Go in peace

I forgive you

I don’t condone

The things you do

There is peace in my heart

That comes with

Releasing you.

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Rage and anger stir inside me

Starting with the thoughts in my head

Falling rapidly

Growing like an avalanche

Into a mass of darkness

Heading towards my chest.

As the devil sits on my shoulder

Pulling at my earlobe:

“Eye for an eye,” he says

“Why turn the other cheek?

When you would be justified

In bringing them to their knees

Don’t you want to see your reflection

In tears in their eyes?

Don’t you want to release your anger

By bringing forth their demise?

It’s not like they don’t deserve it

They caused you so much pain

Release it

Crush them

I promise you

The pain will go away!”

My heart is pure

The darkness surrounding it

Will not compromise the light

I stand for what’s right

The best revenge is to rise

Above the desires of the flesh

This rage can be used as fuel

To become the best version of myself

While they continue to be


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fake bars

My Heart stands behind bars

Made out of thoughts.

She pulls at the chains of restraint

And searches for a glimmer of light

To shine through the darkness of shame and doubt.

Eager she stands, waiting

Desperate to be seen

Hopeful and patient

Passionate, deserving and desiring!

My Heart could swim with the sharks

She could howl with the wolves

And hang with the lions.

Instead, here she is…

Trapped and hidden,

“Safe” and “protected”

Behind a fortress of caution and regrets!

We use the bricks life throws at us

To build walls around us.

We build on a foundation of “what if’s?”

Instead of learning a lesson,

We pick up false beliefs.

Instead of owning a mistake,

We find someone to blame.

Instead of expressing our love,

We hold it in!

But her strength is revealed in her perseverance.

My heart is still standing,

looking beyond what’s behind these bars.

She still pulls at the chains

That seem to hold her back.

She still searches for hope.

She dares to dream

That the day will come

When she will be released.

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Together apart

When I lay with you

All my troubles fade away

We talk

And for a moment

Its just you and me.

You kiss me

And I’m completely present

In this moment.

I would come to you

Hungry for more and more

Insatiable,thirsty and determined

Until the lack of space

Drains our desires.

And the intensity fades

Like fireworks

Into little specks

Of light and smoke.

In an attempt to build and preserve

Our connection

I will sit in my loneliness

And my pain

You deserve to be more

Than just an escape:

A tool to cope with

All the troubles in my world.

I commit to being consistent

In all my dealings with you.

I will lay with you

When your heart desires

When you reach out to me

When your soul needs an instrument

To gently play on

Like a feather

Floating on a soft breeze.

I am here

Whenever you need peace.

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There’s a flood of understanding

A symphony of compatibility

That delivers us from this moment

But, paradoxically,

Binds us to each other

For infinity.

It rises within us

Just like a tide

And falls just to gather

The strength to rise.

Free from judgement

Unchained from pride

When the waters are still

Danger is lurking inside.

There is no room for Fear

In this sacred place

In order to steer clear of her deadly embrace

We must master the courage

To look her in the face.

And after the sea

Gets dark and angry

And its strength has been unveiled

There is beauty

In the wake of this affair

And safety

In the calm that prevailed.

So raw and uninhibited

Bound but unbound

This surge is unyielding

Found but unfound.

And so…

We rest in the realization

We knew this from the start

Free in the moment

Trapped in your heart.

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  1. I enjoyed your words. It gives me a glimpse of your thoughts. Thank you for showing me the peak of your iceberg. I hope to see more unseen for now.

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