A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

I like to think of Little Red Riding Hood and how unassuming she was, wandering around alone in the woods and chit-chatting with a stranger. She told the wolf where she was going and who she was going to visit with no hesitation. Her “innocence” was a display of poor boundaries. I wonder if her mother had cautioned her not to talk to strangers! We need to have certain boundaries in place. No amount of charisma, infatuation, and flattery could get us to bypass the usual amount of time it takes to earn trust and build a relationship.
Narcissists hate boundaries. If your boundaries are labeled as “fear” or “limitations,” criticized or scrutinized, you may be dealing with a narcissist or maybe just a messed up individual. Either way, your boundaries are not up for discussion. Part of setting boundaries is knowing what course of action to take if your boundaries are violated or ignored.

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But what is gratitude after all? Is it just a feeling? An emotion? I can see how you could tell yourself you ought to be grateful for something! That would make you appreciative in the sense that you would understand the value of something on an intellectual level. But does that make you grateful?

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There’s a flood of understanding
A symphony of compatibility
That delivers us from the moment
Binds us to each other
For infinity.

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I am Martha

I started writing about this with the intention of shedding a new light on Martha, and set the record straight. But here’s the thing. This part of the scripture, does not give us enough information to make an accurate assessment of Martha and Mary. How can we get a true understanding of what Martha and Mary were like, just from one moment in their lives without looking at the big picture?

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